iCube Internship

The College of Business and the Office of Research and Economic Development have partnered together to transform the top floor of the Volpe library into Tennessee Tech’s iCube, where students and faculty imagine, inspire, and innovate while using immersive reality technologies to bring projects to life, both virtually and organically.

Learned Skill Sets, Responsibilities, and Goals: 
The funded student's main goal will be assisting the iCube Manager in stress-related research. Goals include learning how to work new systems to perform demos of ongoing development work in the iCube. In addition, they will work on coding shaders and menu systems for new project development. Interns in the lab will work with the latest technology to build simulations with applications in medicine, the environment, engineering, public safety, and public policy. Ideally, interns would be knowledgeable in sound design, 3-D graphic arts, and coding.
Date of Internship: 
October, 2015 to December, 2016
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