Frequently Asked Questions

The process of applying for and receiving internhips can be overwhelming. See some of the most commonly asked questions here......

What is an internship?

-An internship is a learning expierience in the workplace that allows students to put knowlegde gained in the classroom to use in a professional setting.  

Why should I participate in an internship?

-It can help define your career path,being immersed in the career you think you will like can give youa sense of whether or not you actually do.
-You will gain valuable experience related to the career path you are internship
-You will develop networking skills and make contacts who can lead to further opportunities in the future

Why is it important?
-Internships are crucial. Many employers require work experience as well as a degree for an entry level jobs, so an internship can provide credibilty to the student. A lot of companies hire from within, so internships have the potential to become a full time job.  
Why participate in the program?
-Having a profile through the program can expose your work skills and interests to potential employers who may be looking to hire. There will be opportunities and events you can participate in that you may not know about otherwise.
Does the program place me an internship?
-No. You can find local and external internships through this site but you must apply for them as you would through a job database. 
Can I receive course credit for my internship?
-Approval for course credit is ultimatley determined by the faculty internship coordinator in the department of your major. To receive credit talk to your faculty advisor if you meet these basic requirements;

-Junior or Senior standing

-GPA of 2.5 or higher

-You must be enrolled as a full time student (at least 12 hrs)

-Internship hours 150 per academic semester(for undergraduate students)

-Internship hours 400 per academic semester(for graduate students)

-Provide exit interview feedback via intern site, for COB use/improvements   

**Additional criteria may vary by each department

*Requirements for credit may vary between departments